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5 Ways a Virtual CIO Improves Business in One Year

Apr 9, 2015

Technology is changing the way business is conducted every day. Outsourced IT services are increasing in popularity as companies are seeing the benefits of having trained IT professionals handle their computer equipment and infrastructure. Not only do they have people working remotely to oversee their operations 24/7, but now businesses are working with virtual CIOs. The job of a Chief Information Officer is to analyze data and put forth strategies that increase productivity using a variety of technologies. If you’re a business that does not have a CIO in the budget, we are giving you 5 ways that a virtual CIO will improve your business in one year.

1. Planning for Disaster

When a business loses important data due to error, theft or natural disaster or has a security breach, it can set them back for a long time. When you have a virtual CIO, they can provide your business with strategies for disaster management and risk mitigation. The CIO is an expert in this field and likely more experienced than anyone working in-house. They will be able to accurately assess any current and possible risk in the area of theft and breach, and figure out what must be done to block any potential security issues and also have in place a plan for data recovery.

2. Same Service With Less Cost

When a business has IT staff on site, they will troubleshoot when a problem occurs and get to work repairing it right away. With a virtual CIO through outsourced IT services, they do the same thing, without having to pay as much. Virtual CIOs don’t require a salary, benefits and tax contributions like a full-time employee does. The virtual CIO comes as part of your outsourced IT services with no separate billing for individual jobs.

3. Fast Response With Less Downtime

Even one hour of downtime can cost a business thousands of dollars. If you have a problem with your network or equipment, in-house staff can be there right away, only if they are not working on any other projects already. Virtual service gives you instant response time, any time of the day. With remote access and monitoring the virtual CIO can get to work from any time and any place.

4. Clean Up Your Network

Spyware, pop-ups, viruses and malware can slow down and destroy a computer and get installed on the network through only one device. This means all of your employees can become infected and slowed down. Your virtual CIO will keep on top of the latest in security and eliminate the bugs and vulnerabilities so your system keeps running fast.

5. Plan for Growth

Good virtual CIOs from your outsourced IT services are able to assess the business’s current state and where it is going in the future. Planning for change and growth is key to a successful business. The CIO will be able to determine what type of software, equipment and network infrastructure is necessary to allow the company to expand. This lessens the amount of possible issues that arise with system scalability and capacity during growth spurts.

If your IT department, or worse yet your non-IT employees, are constantly trying to keep your network running and assisting with technology issues, they’re not focused on the activities that create an efficient workplace or generate more revenue. Let NorthLight IT become your outsourced CIO. We’ll work with management to create an overall business strategy that allows technology to overcome your business challenges.



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