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Productivity Benefits of Network Security

Oct 22, 2015

Network security refers to any actions that have been designed to protect your online network. These actions especially safeguard the reliability, integrity, usability and safety of your data and network. Competent network security zeroes in on a range of threats and prevents them from entering or growing within your network. A secure network foundation can help your business stay competitive, adapt to changes quickly, add new users easily and grow into international markets. Below we discuss in further detail the productivity benefits of network security for your business.

Less Mental Stress

How can your business be productive when the boss’s mind is always on whether or not there will be a security breach due to negligent employees? Network security offers you peace of mind and less stress because it is a way of safeguarding your company from security threats. This is important because hackers are constantly developing new ways of stealing your data and compromising the operations of your business. Network security frees up your mind so that you can concentrate on business ideas.

Less Downtime With Network Security

When you have a secure network, you will not be spending time handling data breaches and other network security issues. This allows for more time to empower employees to be productive. Your software and hardware will also be saved from the harm that can come from these security breaches. There will no longer be the wasted downtime that comes from losing critical data. Instead, you and your staff can focus on job responsibilities and growing the business without unnecessary interruptions.

Go Wireless With Confidence

When your business starts to grow, it will most likely need to broaden its physical space. Using a wireless network allows your employees to remain connected to business applications without the expenses and limitations of wiring. A secure network gives you the extra confidence that your sensitive information, like customer data, will be safe when you go wireless.

Stay in Touch Securely With VoIP Phone

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems deliver communications over the Internet as opposed to the traditional wired phone or common cellular services. With network security, you can use VoIP phones that have a much greater signal range and provide more capabilities (advanced call forwarding, find me/follow me, visual voicemail, management portal and more). Wireless VoIP phones allow your team to meander about the sales floor, office, warehouse or campus while answering customer questions and accessing company data. This improves productivity by not keeping your staff chained to their desk phones.

Communicate Via Your Computer

A secure network means you’ll be able to confidently communicate from your computer in a number of ways. Speed up the process of your daily operations with tools such as instant messaging, voice and video tools, Web conferencing, and presence applications that regularly update user locations and availability. With a secure network you can even take part in a video conference with an easy-to-use phone interface housed on your computer. This saves lots of time and money on traveling to get to a meeting.

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