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Patriots New Strategy

Oct 8, 2015

Last month, we heard about a new Patriots strategy that is said to be one of the best. One coach calls it a “genius” plan, but is it just an inflated plan for a much-needed distraction? We break down the Patriots new strategy to see if it really as grand as boasted by many.

Let’s face it: the Patriots are on fire already this season, and we are only a few games in. By the third game, the rivals had sacked Tom Brady only six times and the team scored a record 119 points. That is the most points ever in the first three games in the team’s history. So, what gives? Where is the vigor coming from? Does Brady have something to prove after a months-long circus surrounding the Super Bowl “Inflate Gate” Scandal.

While Brady is the one with the recognition for his impeccable performance, much of his success is due to his protective front line. The team took a new approach to the defensive rotation this season. Instead of putting in five players and hoping the relationship builds after a few games or so, the Pats rotate them out frequently. During the first five possessions, the same line combination was not used at all. The feverish swapping and reconfiguring of the line led to a victory over Pittsburgh. In fact, the innovative strategy is so impressive that Rick Trickett, the Florida State offensive line coach, called the strategy “genius.”

Will it last? Right now, it appears as if the Pats don’t have a choice. A handful of key players have been indisposed. The Patriots had no other choice, and it appears to be paying off in a big way. The question is whether or not the team will return to the original lineup once the players are all on the mend.

We hope to see more of the strategy in the upcoming games. Even though it looks like a lot of random shuffle to most, Dave DeGuglielmo promises there is a method behind his reasoning and rotating lineup. DeGuglielmo has a secret for why the players go where they do and at what times, but we will not likely discover why any time soon. As long as it works, he will likely continue to employ the new strategy.

To get a good look at the new Patriots strategy, don’t miss the upcoming games this fall.

  • At Cowboys on October 11th at 4:25 PM ET on CBS
  • At Colt on October 18th at 8:30 PM ET on NBC
  • Jets, October 25th at 1:00 PM ET on CBS
  • Dolphins, October 29th at 8:25 PM ET on CBS and NFL Network
  • Redskins, November 8th at 1:00 PM ET on FOX
  • At Giants on November 15th at 4:25 PM ET on CBS
  • Bills, November 23rd at 8:30 PM ET on ESPN
  • At Broncos, November 29th at 8:30 PM on NBC


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