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Dez infuses creativity into her work products. She solves problems like a Rubik’s cube, efficiently manipulating each facet to achieve completion. She has the ability to look at situations from many perspectives while considering the implications of change and impact at the macro level. Whenever possible, she takes the lead, and commits herself to the task at hand. She is relentlessly resourceful, and just one of those people who are better than others at getting the job done. She is not afraid to motivate the people around her, convince them to charge up the hill, and reach the summit together. For Dez, teamwork and empowering others is essential.

Over the years, she has worked in a variety of industries from nonprofits to healthcare to marketing to technology. Dez consistently produces long-term results in every position she holds. She is a determined professional that leads by example, has excellent communication skills, and is decisive and results-oriented. Dez is an experienced operations manager and IT specialist. She has earned her B.S. from Bridgewater State University, and is certified in CompTia A+.


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